James Blunt…

De ce imi place?.. Pur si simplu pentru ca il consider genial. Muzica lui ma face sa visez, imi place asta!..







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  1. fantasmagorique Says:

    James Blunt has a unique problem. “A lot of people out there just don’t like me,” he says in a voice without any emotion other than the slightest hint of surprise. “I guess it’s because of my music. It’s my music they don’t like.”
    James Hillier Blount (his real name) was born into an upper-class military family in Tidworth, Wiltshire. His father was a pilot and a colonel in the Army and his grandfather was Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk. Blunt was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst via an Army-sponsored place at Bristol University.
    He shrugs. “The Army paid for my education, and the deal is you then serve in the Forces for four years which I was happy to do. I ended up serving six years.”
    Today he is dressed in a pair of jeans, an old T-shirt and, with several weeks’ growth of beard, looks more like a roadie than a superstar. He arrives on time, on his own and demands nothing more than a glass of Coca-Cola.
    When he speaks his vowels are perfectly enunciated, and although his appearance is relatively scruffy, his posture remains at all times ramrod straight. He surveys his surroundings with a half-smile. “Isn’t this pleasant,” he says politely.
    He is clearly not even attempting to look, act or behave like a traditional pop star. Even his hobbies set him apart (he is an exceptional skier and gained his pilot’s licence at the age of 16, but doesn’t get much time for either).
    “I put my present unpopularity down to the fact that some people out there don’t like my music. I’m not thought to be cool. But I can’t worry about it.” The leap from Army officer to pop star isn’t as strange as it sounds, says Blunt.
    “I’ve wanted to be a singer since I was a teenager. At home we just had one CD player so I had limited access to music. But my mum made me learn the recorder when I was three, the violin when I was five and the piano when I was seven.”
    At the end of 2002, he quit to pursue his dream (among his final Army duties was to stand guard over the Queen Mother’s coffin). He didn’t have long to wait. One of his first public performances took place at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2003. He was spotted by Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera and Pink’s producer, and was signed on the spot.
    Back To Bedlam took little more than three months to make. The initial idea was to attempt to sell 5,000 copies of the CD and build up a word-of-mouth following, but the plan fell apart – in the best possible way – with the unexpected success of You’re Beautiful.
    “I knew how lucky I was – I knew people out there were still struggling to get a deal and I was in this unbelievable position,” he says. “To be honest, I’m amazed at how fast things have been and how much success I’ve had. But you can’t over-analyse things.”
    “I couldn’t tell you how much money I have, but I don’t judge myself or my success by my bank account. I can buy a house [he has two, one in London and one in Ibiza] but the big difference to my life is that I can make music all day. That’s my success.”
    But Blunt claims he’s not a celebrity. “I’m a musician. I hate the obsession with celebrity – what you are wearing, whether you are cool… What has that got to do with anything?”
    He looks down at his worn, old T-shirt. “I’d never go out and buy myself diamonds. To me, that’s all wrong. I just couldn’t do it. I spent time out in Kosovo where doctors from Médecins Sans Frontières are trying to save lives with minimal equipment and there are people with literally nothing.”
    “I don’t do flash cars, I don’t do flash clothes. I’m not really into possessions. They don’t mean anything to me. I like to think I can carry everything I need. I’ve spent the past three-and-a-half years touring the world on a bus.”
    “I have one bag that contains two pairs of jeans, eight pairs of socks, six T-shirts, which I get free from my mate who runs a website, and a leather jacket. I’ve been everywhere from awards ceremonies to shows to parties. Maybe people think I’m a bit of a scruff but no one’s said so.”
    “I just don’t see the point in separating yourself off from normal people by the things you buy or the things you wear. That’s like trying to make a point about being different.”
    “In London, I’ll get the Tube or the bus and I’d rather go to a pub more than some amazing restaurant. When I go to Ibiza, I’ll go on EasyJet. It’s cheap, it’s simple. That’s why people use it. I don’t see any difference in me that would make me want to do anything else.”
    Blunt is slightly awkward in interviews. He has a problem talking about himself. He is very polite but answers questions on a need-to-know basis, and turns understatement and evasion into an art form. “Do people really want to know about this sort of stuff?” he asks quietly.
    “I don’t ever discuss women,” he says. “But I have valued all my relationships. The problem is that gossip columns turn life into cartoons. It’s not real. I’m happy with what does actually happen.”
    “I travel a lot, I meet lots of different people and every week I seem to wake up in a different town. The important thing is that I haven’t changed. Success happened at an age when I was old enough and had been through enough experiences to have formed my character and my values.”
    “Now I wake up every day knowing how lucky I am, that I am doing what I always wanted to do. What was my dream has become my reality. The rest is just about enjoying it.”

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